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Dear SUNYIT Community,

With the initial flurry of activity behind us, the fall semester is now well underway. If I haven’t already seen you on campus let me take this opportunity to welcome our new students and faculty, and welcome back those of you returning from a well-deserved summer break. The year ahead promises to be interesting and productive for all of us at SUNYIT.

As I told those at the August all-campus meeting, SUNYIT goes to grow and develop even in the face of significant fiscal challenges. The launch of new programs such as civil engineering anticipates future new offerings that will fulfill our mission as an institute of technology. At the same time, a growing number of special initiatives—nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and others—has made SUNYIT increasingly well-known. You can expect to hear more about all these and more in the weeks and months ahead.

As colleges seek to leverage information technology to achieve and demonstrate significant progress in their missions, the role of technology and its applications has become increasingly strategic. Such strategic decisions need to be made in a manner that is wholly integrated and consistent with larger academic plans and systems.

In recognition of the need to create such planned integration and outcomes, I am asking that the Provosts at Morrisville and SUNYIT take a greater role in this area. While many campuses have adopted the organizational strategy of creating a separate Chief Information Officer (CIO), I believe that such a model for smaller campuses can result in inefficient structures at unnecessary expense. In that regard, I am confident that Morrisville and SUNYIT will be better served by an operational configuration that explicitly integrates IT within the organizational structure of the Provost and COO’s on each campus. Effective this coming week, our ITS department will be under the supervision of the Provost; this will also be the case at Morrisville. As part of Chancellor Nancy Zimpher's plan to encourage a shift from administrative to academic resources, this change in reporting structure will better support academic computing and related activities.

Thursday's Nanotechnology Forum, our second such event, successfully demonstrated our increasing commitment to this important area--one that is of great importance to the regional and state economy. In the weeks ahead, the academic conversation on our campus will continue with the President's and Provost's Lecture Series. Look for details of both of those on our website and in community mail.

Please join me in thanking all those who welcomed new students and parents during our orientation programs. It was great to see the reactions of all those folks who are new to SUNYIT as we put our best foot forward. Let's continue that kind of positive engagement all this year.

As always, if you have questions or concerns please write to me: Enjoy the holiday weekend—and good luck this semester in all that you do!


Wolf Yeigh






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