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Shared services update

To:      Morrisville State College and SUNYIT Campus Communities
From:  Wolf Yeigh, MSC Officer-in-Charge and SUNYIT President
Re:      Shared Services
Date:   May 23, 2012

As the next step in the shared services process, SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher's executive staff today met with senior administrators and College Council members at Morrisville State College. As detailed in the attached memo from SUNY Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost David Lavallee, we have been asked to move ahead with the streamlining of administration on the two campuses.

The changes that will result from this realigned administrative structure come after months of consultation with individuals and constituencies on both campuses, and I plan to meet with shared services committees and other groups as this process continues to unfold in the weeks ahead. While change can be difficult, we are mindful of the fact that our willingness to embrace this innovative arrangement is necessary to support Chancellor Zimpher's goal of shifting resources from administrative to instructional support. We can achieve this through a carefully considered realignment, as illustrated in the attached organizational chart.

I would like to thank Chancellor Zimpher, Provost Lavallee, Vice Chancellor Hutzley and others at SUNY for their leadership and support throughout this process. Special thanks to those at MSC and SUNYIT, especially members of the shared services committees, for their hard work and diligence. Together, we will overcome significant fiscal challenges in a way that will ultimately benefit current and future students.




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