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Inadequate guardrails on Bronx overpass where seven died

Members of three generations of a family were killed in an automobile accident last Sunday in the Bronx. It was reported that the family was driving in a van to a reunion, speeding in the left lane, when a tire clipped a divider. The driver, Maria Gonzalez, lost control of the van which crossed two lanes of traffic, broke through the guardrail and dropped a distance of six stories before landing on its roof. Fingers are being pointed at the Department of Transporation of New York City for not updating the guardrails, as well as the road surface at that overpass to todays standards. Experts believe that the accident could have been avoided if these steps were made. This was not the first major accident attributable to this lack of maintenance either. In 2006, six people were killed on the same parkway when their vehicle uncontrollably crossed the median into oncoming taffic. Now that more than 13 people have been killed, it might be a good time to start updating that section of the roadway. Hopefully the hints wont have to be as drastic next time for changes to be made.

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