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Government regulations on automotive emissions

During a recent experiment i removed the the catalytic converter, the resonater, and muffler, after that I welded up a free flow three inch exhaust. These modifications were made to a 2002 audi tt upon making these modifications responsiveness and power were increased. After about a tank of gas was used it was noticed that i was now getting 3-4 more miles per gallon of gasoline. Prior to modifications i was averaging 23-24 mpg after i was averaging 27-28mpg depending on location. Therefore by burning 4-5 gallons less on an average week is it ethical for the government to regulate emissions like this? I mean if i burn less fuel is that protecting the environment as well?


  • re: Government regulations on automotive emissions
    by Jayne Baran (barans) at Monday, December 5, 2011 1:01am
    You ask a good question, and someone should run the numbers. What usually happens is that even if you burn less gas in the one car, it frees up your funds to spend elsewhere (whether that is extra trips, extra consumed goods, etc.)  Some argue that it's...
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