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U.S. Public Supports Charging Smokers More for Health Insurance

As a former smoker I can speak on this topic with authority. Smokers should absolutely be charged more for health insurance just like those who are prone to car accidents or traffic tickets pay more for car insurance. Smoking has been proven to cause a myriad of illnesses that require serious medical attention. Smokers could theoretically be spending the same amount of money on insurance as one who doesn't smoke. The argument could be made that if one person uses a service more than the other but both pay the same price for the service regardless of how frequently it is provided that this is necessarily fair. Of course the non-smoker is reaping the benefits of extended life but I think they should be compensated for financially. Just like a good driver discount for car insurance. It only makes sense right? This could be extended to other arguments concerning healthcare/insurance i.e. obesity, std's, pregnancy but that would require one to take responsibility for their own wealthfare and that nowadays is sometimes to much to ask of a person. 

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