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Trayvon Martin Story Continues to Generate Ethics Controversy - Ethics Newsline

Two weeks ago, a seventeen-year-old teenager was shot in Sandord, Florida by a neighborhood watch member.  More recently it was determined the case would not be tried under a grand jury.  The most widespread ethical debate regarding this case is revolves around Florida's "stand your ground" laws.  These laws make it legal for anyone to use non-lethal force against someone they believe to be a threat to their well-being (outside of the home).  In the case of a home invasion lethal force is permitted.  The shooting of Trayvon Martin did not occur in the home, and it can be argued that the attacker, George Zimmerman, did not intend to kill but only wound Trayvon.  In the past this law has been beneficial to victims of home invaders who happened to be armed.  In this case, however, the presumed threat was not armed.  Critics of the law believe it allows someone to kill with little or no repercussion.  The outcome of the ongoing court case could set a precedent for future incidents.

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