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Narcissism and Religion

Ethics Newsline reported that a recent study made by Baylor University, purports Religion coupled with Narcissism results in poor ethical values. The survey, conducted online, that those who “Devout people who are narcissistic and exercise poor ethical judgment would be committing acts that are… blatantly hypocritical.”  The survey presented scenarios, such as padded expense accounts, and drew conclusions from the answers submitted. In my opinion, religion does not make one ethical or moral. Some of the worst business dealings I have had occurred with deeply “devout” people, while some of the best have occurred with those who claim to be agnostic, or atheist. Our behavior is of our own choice, whether we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or any other religion. While I am not sure of every religion, I do know that Christianity, Judaism, and Muslimism all preach that one’s love for God must be greater than the love of self. I imagine most religions also practice this philosophy as well, or how else can one have faith in something bigger than one’s self? Egotism causes many problems in life. When one begins to think that they are above the law, or more valuable than someone else, behavior gets justified as being right and just. Exploitation of the underprivileged, lording power, stealing or any of thousands more serious corruptions can occur. When dealing with our society, we must act as we want to be treated. Mark Twain once said “Always do the right thing; It will amaze some and astonish the rest.” While Twain was a philosopher of sorts and may have meant this statement differently than how I take it, I do believe that we should always try to do what is right.

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