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Facebook and Privacy

Friday, in my local newspaper, I read an article concerning a recent college grad who was “required” to give his Facebook log-in information to a prospective employer as a condition of employment. An article, published on Global Ethics website, 26 MAR 2012, titled  “Facebook Says It Will Take Legal Action Against Employers who Demand Employees’ Password”, explains that Facebook will “take legal action against employers who demand their workers’ login passwords to the site.” I find this policy as ethically aligned as could be imagined in this day and age. In our world of selling customer address lists, Facebook is backing their users’ privacy. Wanting a glimpse into a perspective employee’s private life and actually demanding the information needed to get into and root around in one’s private life are two different things. Where would an employer stop? What’s the next step after that?  And the next step?

Since 9/11, Americans have surrendered freedoms in the name of security. There has to be a balance in being free and being secure. With corporations demanding  to examine employees this way, not only are we losing our privacy, we are getting closer to George Orwell’s 1984. I’m not sure that this is a move in the right direction. I think that the Facebook Staff promise to take legal action is a just and fair move to protect the privacy of the individual that chooses to use that Social Network.

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