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Capitalism & the Moral Blowout

This article tackles one of those truly hard questions.  How can a capitalist society maintain morals and will it survive if morality is not maintained.  The systematic breaking down of a national recognition of the need for some sense of morals and values has been slowly taking its tole for years.  When I was in school in the not to distant past...we said the pledge of allegience in which there is a line that states "one nation under God".  So many people have found this line offensive that now the reciting of the pledge of allegience in schools is becoming non existent.  How do that many people really find this unnacceptable.  Is there really that many aetheists out there?  We all have to beleive in something and I'm not about to tell anyone what that should be for them personally, this would be against the freedom of choice.  However, beleiving in nothing is not going to help anybody.  Because, we have systematically dissolved any concept of any type of God uniting peoples and our nation its no wonder we are starting to fail as a nation and turn on ourselves.  I'm loosing faith in this nation not because of capitalism but because this nation as a whole has lost its faith in anything.  Therefore, capitalism will continue to become more corrupt as less people beleive in the morals and values that are brought about by beleiving in something positive.

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