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Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

“Global-Warming Scientist Admits He Stole Documents from Organization that Disputed Climate Change” -Ethics Newsline – (2/27/2012) Global Ethics

The opening sentence down plays the incident, attempting to shift focus onto “global warming deniers” and the damage that the “deniers” do is worse than stealing the documents.

Peter Gleick gave false information (AKA “assumed name”, or just plain lied) in order to obtain information and documents from Heartland Institute, which he then leaked to the media.  Gleick the head of Pacific Institute resigned from the board of a national science education group and as chairman of American Geophysical Union’s task force on ethics.   The documents revealed donations from companies in the fossil fuel industry to Heartland Institute.

Ironic given his chairmanship on ethics, that he violates the very ethics he preaches, but this double standard shouldn’t come as a surprise in this day and age.   At the same time it should not be shocking that a company that derives their revenue from fossil fuel mining, refining, or processing donate funds to organizations or groups that lobby in favor of their goals.  I fail to see how Mr. Gleick efforts to expose donors helps the global warming hysteria, if anything more credibility could be earned if the doom-and-gloom campaign was toned down to a reasonable level.

So is the lesson of this article to abide by ethical behavior, or that it is acceptable to violate professional ethics so long as it helps further the cause?  I tend to look at this through a black & white filter, in that once you violate the rules, the cause loses credibility and it becomes one more hurdle to jump.


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