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The Shut -UP- Switch

In this article a man came up with a device that would jam cell reception of all users on the bus of which he was riding.  Therefore, he didn't have to listen to all of the unneccesarily loud conversation.  There are many times I would have liked to done this myself.  However, would  The freedom of speach is one that as Americans we should enjoy however lets do it with consideration for others.  If you're talking loud enough on your phone so that everyone in earshot can hear you is that really necessary?  Really, is what your saying so important that EVERYONE needs to hear it.  Remeber that this is a personal phone for personal conversation.  The same is true for watching videos and TV shows.  I was in a restaurant last week with my family.  My wife and I were in the middle of conversation when suddenly we heard this screaming and it sounded just like a tv zitcom.  Another couple approximately 40' away was watching home movies of kids screaming somewhere on there I Phone.  I gave them that look of "Really?" and they just ignored us and continued to watch yet another movie.  That pretty much ruined the whole meal for us and made me wonder if it was worth spending the money to eat out anymore if I am going to have to listen to other peoples conversations and TV shows.  Unbeleivable.


On a more serious note, this article touches upon the idea of whether or not the government should have the right to control cell phone usage at various times such as during the possibility of an uprising or riot.  The answer from my perspective  Once the government is allowed to go down that path, where does it stop.  The governement already has their hands in too much, let's not give them anymore.  Riots have been happening and will continue to happen whether or not cell phones exist. 

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