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Koran Burning Ignites Violent Protests - Ethics Newsline


In Afghanistan, Pakistan and other parts of the Middle East demonstrations have broken out over the burning of the Koran. These Korans that were burnt were taken from detainees for a reason. The reason was because there were extremist messages written in them. Burning the Koran was not done to anger anybody. In order to get this situation under control Nato and the Afghans will have to build a stronger relationship.

My opinion

 It was not ethical to burn the Koran because some respect should have been taken in respect to the religious group but on the other hand the Korans were taken for a reason. In my opinion anyone that is tied with extremism should be detained and in this case extremism was present in the Korans from the detainees writing the extremist messages. For example 9/11 that was extremism and I do not think anyone in this country wants anymore of those attacks to happen. However there are some good people in the Middle East but it seem like there is more bad than good. Even though two wrongs do not make a right in the Middle East the American flag is burned with the intent to show an anti-American point of view.


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