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"Same Rules as Everyone Else" - Ethics Newsline

"Same Rules as Everyone Else" - What They're Saying (Ethics Newsline 30 Jan 2012)

Sen. Kristen Gillibran (D-NY) and Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass) co-sponsor a pending bill Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act that would subject members of Congress who violate the ban on insider trading to investigation and possible prosecution.  This is an effort to restore faith to our government.

Opinion - This raises several questions, mainly is it not already illegal to participate base on insider trading information?  If Martha Stewart was held to the letter-of-the-law, then why not the legislative branch not be held to the same standard?  I'm sure Ms. Stewart would agree.   This "Double Standard" has to stop, where are their ethics?.  The abuses of power and prestige of politicians on both sides of the isle needs to be stopped.

I was watching WUTR news tonight and it was reported that the congress has a 5% approval rating, inferring that there is a 95% DISAPPROVAL of what our elected officials are doing for their constituents.  What would happen as an employee at a private company with a 5% approval rating by a supervisor;  that's a the words of Donald Trump - "Your Fired!"

Our elected officials have been allowed to serve their own interests for far too long.  They vote themselves raises, but how can they do this in light that their performance is well below reasonable standards.  The American People desirve better than this and end the double standards that exist. 

Start by instituting term limits.....maximum of two consecutive 4 year terms.

Next, move them into the same health care system we use (HMO, Medicare, and Medicaid, or self insure),  after all they can afford to do so.  They can use the profits they have made from the insider trading deals.

But don't stop there, eliminate their private retirement entitlements and move them into the same retirement systems we have to rely on (401K, IRA, Personal Saving, and Social "Insecurity").  Their privledges are at the expense "of-the-people", enough is enough they should be subject to the same rules and priviledges as everyone of their constituents.  Then and only then will we-the-people start to restore our faith in our government.

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