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Ethics Issues on College Campuses Continue to Dominate News

This article discusses the recent stories involving ethics developments on college campuses, Penn State and Syracuse.  Officials at Penn State promised to “raise the visibility of ethics to a new level”.  The university’s new president says he will appoint an ethics officer who will report directly to him.  What does having a ethics officer going to do for the school, whether or not you have someone like this doesn’t mean that cases like sex abuse will end, pedophiles will just find ways to move around their obstacles.  They know what they are doing, and they know that its wrong, people like them have a mental problem and needs to seek treatment. 

Another scandal involving sexual abuse erupted at Syracuse University; the assistant basketball coach has been accused of molesting a child more than two decades ago.   This is just ridiculous, how people that we trust with are children, are the ones who are harming them.

Now at Florida A&M, there is a scandal over alleged hazing that occurred involving a suspicious death of a drum major.  Officials are saying that this was related to excessive drinking, possibly induced by hazing.  The bands director was fired because of complaints that he failed to protect students from hazing despite repeated complaints, which he denies.  I feel that if someone is forcing you to do something against your will get out the situation or if your band director allegedly isn’t doing anything to help the situation,, go to someone who is above him.


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