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Will U.S. Supreme Court Preserve the Right to Lie?

As children we were told not to lie always tell the truth, and for the most part every person does his or her best to tell the truth.  Every person will tell a little white lie every so often, sometimes it can land you in hot water and other times it may not.  There is a case in the Supreme Court that is examining a case involving the “Stolen Valor Act” which is a law that makes lying about holding a military decoration punishable by a year in prison.  Under this law one cannot falsely represent oneself as having received any U.S. military decoration or medal.  It also prevents the buying selling or manufacture of medals as well.  This case relates to a man that was elected to a minor political office and during a meeting he introduced himself as a former marine that had won the Medal of Honor.  He was given a $5000 fine and community service.  It’s hard to believe that you can get fined for that!  It is acceptable of you do claim that you have one but don’t but that is something you should be proud of!  In my opinion if you have a Medal of Honor you should be proud and willing to show it off, but if you lie about having one and get caught you should be fined.


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