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Privacy Scandal Erupts After Researcher Charges that Millions of Smartphones Covertly Capture User Data

The software Carrier IQ had both pros and cons.  On one side, the program is designed to interpret usage on smartphones to make future phones and systems better.  The data collected is supposed to be beneficial for everyone because it will gear future products towards what is being mostly used. The cons for the software are obvious, an immense amount of personal information can be collected.  If hackers can get access to the information collected, it may be possible for them to steal identities or account information.  People also see the use of this software as an invasion of privacy.  They feel as though they should have to give permission for their activities to be tracked. This software has the opportunity to be beneficial and destructive.  It can help improve phones and devices for the future but it can also lead to identity theft and subject the user to cyber security threats. Link:

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