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Woman Forced to Give Up Obese Son

This article describes a disturbing case of conflicting moral obligations that has stirred nationwide debate after a social service agency took an eight year old obese boy away from his mother and was placed in foster care.  Their reason, they state that the mother was not doing enough to control his weight.  Weighing more than 200 pounds, the child is at risk of developing diabetes and hypertension.  It was also reported that the county social service agency said that the mother was not following doctors’ instructions which the mother claims other wise. 

This is indeed disturbing; I don’t understand why would someone take a child away based on that fact that they are obese.  Instead of helping them, I feel there making the situation worse.  There are better ways to handle this situation maybe by taking the child to some sort of fitness camp or hiring a dietitian and trainer for the child.  Yes, in a way the mother is neglecting her child but taking a child away is not going to make him lose weight.


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