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Geek Week 2012: Submit ideas, attend Oct. 21 planning meeting

Geek Week 2012: Planning meeting #1
Friday, Oct. 21, 2011, at 11:30 a.m.  
SUNYIT's Student Center Pub (above main lobby area)

All are welcome to submit ideas at, before, or following the meeting. If you can't attend this meeting, email the Geek Week coordinator (see below) to receive notice of future planning meetings.
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SUNYIT’s Geek Week Committee is looking for students, clubs, alumni, and faculty/staff members to come forward and express their inner geek or host activities with a science, technology, innovation, or geek-related theme.

The committee seeks activities for everyone to enjoy – geeks and non-geeks – during Opening Week of the spring semester (January 2012)! The SUNYIT community is encouraged to embrace geekiness and celebrate technological, scientific, and other advancements that enhance our lives and to participate in a series of events and activities with geeky twists.

Student Club Members: 
If your club is nerdy, techie, wired, science-oriented, innovation-driven, or entertaining, then it should be part of the fun. So speak to your club members and if you want to host a Geek Week event or be part of the planning in some other way, then let us know.

Students, Alumni & Faculty/Staff: 
Do you have connections or a personal interest yourself that might lend itself to Geek Week? If so, let us know. 

Direct all ideas, questions, and comments to:
Hilton Johnson '11, Geek Week Coordinator
Contact Hilton

Alumni may also contact the Alumni Office for information or to suggest an idea for hosting an activity:, 315-792-7110 (view 2011 Geek Week event hosted by Mike Evke '84).

Geek Week is a semi-organization of SUNYIT’s Student Association, with funding provided by Student Association and activities held in conjunction with various faculty/staff members, departments/offices, and student clubs and organizations.


View Geek Week activities from previous years:

Geek Week 2011 - Alumni Association event with Mike Evke '84

Geek Week 2010 - Alumni Association 'Nano Tour and Reception'

Geek Week 2009 - Alumni Association 'SUNYIT Night at Lava'

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