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Warren Buffett questioned about insider trading

This article is just another example of unethical business decisions that happen every day by higher ups in multi-billion dollar corporations. Berkshire Hathaway's chairman, Warren Buffett one of the worlds richest and most savvy business owners fell under scrutiny when one of his top advisers invested in a company that Buffett was looking to buy. Technically, because Buffett didn't purchase the company no one gets in trouble for insider trading, but things like this happen all the time, and sometimes good people get tied up in shady business deals that they didn't know they were getting into. I've followed some of Buffetts business transactions for some years now and in my opinion I would definitely say Buffett had no idea that his adviser had invested in the company he was buying. When he found out about these business deals the adviser was let go but this whole event is an example of a way ones unethical business decisions could effect all those around him.

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