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Identities of Jurors in Barry Bonds Trial Kept Secret...

Identities of the jurors in the recently passed Barry Bonds trial have been kept a secret as a result of a confrontation between the right of public access of the trial and the right to a fair trial. Barry Bonds was recently accused of perjury and obstruction of justice, as he was found to have lied in court about his history of steroid abuse, which is illegal in baseball. Reports claim that the jurors names will be kept secret until the jury has ultimately reached a verdict, and the case is closed. This is done so as not to negatively influence any of the members of the jurty to lie, as well as to protect the jurors from any sort of harassment. USA Today also reported that in the question as to which Bonds claims that he never "knowingly" took steroids, one person who was definately qualified to answer the question before the court, refused to testify and was jailed for the duration of the trial. This man whom was qualified to state the truth was Bonds' personal trainer, Greg Anderson. Bonds did plead not guilty to the charges brought against him, but was subsequently pronounced guilty on just one of the multiple counts of perjury.


Article From: Ethics Newsline: March 28, 2011

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