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Hardness in Water

This article is about what hardness in water is, how it affects humans, and how to fix the issue.

Water hardness is when there is an abundance of minerals in water.  The two mjor minerals that cause hardness are calcium and magneseum.  These minerals are dissolved in the ground water and unless specifically filtered out during the water treatment process will stay in the water.  

Hardness in water doesn't have any harmful effects on humans but it does cause a nuisance when it comes to cleaning.  Hard water makes detergents and soaps less effective therefore increasing the amounts needed and raising expenses.  It also may cause buildup on pipes which could reduce the flow that is able to go through them.

In order to get rid of hardness in water, people can install an ion exchange system to treat all of their water which will separate the minerals from the water.  They can also just add softeners to their laundry and dishwashers to reduce the negative effects on clothes and dishes.

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