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Storm water management is one of the largest hurdles engineers face when designing a new project. Most states impose numerous regulations that require the developers of a new project to have plans on what they are going to do with the increased runoff generally produced when areas of land are produced.

Conventional techniques include the building of long swales that slow water flow and allow for water to penetrate into the ground to large detention ponds that control the outflow of the increased runoff to a natural body of water such as a stream or river.

But what does one do when you don’t have the space to implement a large detention pond on a small cite? You install a CULTEC system.

This newer system is a totally subterranean option engineers nw have in there play books when they are crammed for space. The systems creators boast that the system can be easily hidden under driveways and parking lots allowing for the expansion of parking areas in commercial setting to being able to add a pool at your personal residence rather than an above ground detention pod.

Below is a link to the manufactures website for more info:

And this is the article that turned me onto this very interesting engineering solution:


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