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Green Wastewater Options in my Backyard

I have always had a knack for wanting to learn, sometimes taking it upon myself to research mundane things that are not pertinent to me in any way shape or form.

As a Civil Engineering Technology student  feet’s of engineering or solutions to engineering problems such as aging infastrucutre have interested me since I decided I wanted to enter this field in high school.

Back then I was a little naive to say the least thinking that some of these problem where far from home, boy was I wrong.  The City of Utica, my home town, has one of the oldest and most overwhelmed storm water systems in upstate New York. Other cities in upstate (here’s looking at your Syracuse and Rochester) receive the vast majority of grants to correct older combined sewer systems, leaving Utica to come up with a couple creative solutions.

I found a news report dating back to July of last year showing Utica using grant money it got for green projects buying rain water barrels. These barrels would collect storm water to be used at later dates reliving a system that is overburdened at times of high runoff.

I find this to be an awesome idea; my problem is that I have yet to see one of these barrels anywhere in the city since the original articles popped up last year. This is surprising to me seeing that thee barrels are being given away free to homeowners and Cornell (who is sponsoring part of the program) even did a public demonstration showing how the barrels will be of use.

The program is part of the Rust to green program, this programs main goal is promoting a greener way of life in our older cities the website is pretty interesting and outlines many other plans so take a look:

Here are the links for the green barrels:

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