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“Majorities of Americans Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Their State”

To determine whether or not marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes one must weigh the pros and cons of its usage. If there are a significant amount of pros over cons, and the cons that are present are not of severe consequences then I feel the issue is a no brainier and should be treated like any other issue in today's world. When considering the amount of issues in the world and there levels of severity I believe the legalization of marijuana is at the bottom end, in the case that it is of low severity and low priority. I feel the issue should not be dragged out and spent years and years on, but instead to treat it like a normal issue and make a decision and stick with it.

I feel the biggest "pro" to the legalization to marijuana would be the decreased amount of prison resources used on individuals due to minor violations of the law on marijuana.

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