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DEP Asks Marcellus Shale Drillers to Hold Fracking Wastewater

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Conservation has ask Marcellus shale to stop sending wastewater containing inorganic compounds to public wastewater plants. The public plants are not designed to deal with certain inorganics such as bromide, which can cause health conerns wehn mixed with chlorine. Marcellus Shale will be forced to use private wastewater facilities in order to process its contaminated water. However, with the private facilities struggling to keep up with demand, the industry is being urged to move toward on-site wellhead treatment to treat their water. The new system recycles fracking water, producing a clean distillate and 3 different commercial salt products.

It is common sense to me that a company should be sending water containing inorganics to public wastewater facilities. It is not only an environmental concern but a financial one as well. The public ends up shouldering the burden of Marcellus' byproducts. They should know better,  and be replenishing the water that they contaminated themselves. Moreover, it costs a lot of money to transport water; it seems as if this "wellhead treatment" method would have been in use years ago.

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