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Wastewater plant odors puzzle Elkhart officials

A stench emitting from a wastewater treatment plant in Elkhard, Indiana is stinking up a nearby neighborhood. Neighbors to the plant say that they are smelling sewage intermittently throughout the day. Officials are preplexed by the problem. They state that they are current as far as inspections, however a March 2010 inspection cited violations for sanitary overflow and effluent limits. The residents affected by the stench are being asked to log the times when the smell is the worst to help officials solve the problem. 

Since the plant has already been cited for exceeding effluent levels it is a good possibility that effluent is a problem. Effluent is generally a quantity of waste which flows from a treatment plant. Basically water that wasn't treated. Exceeding efluent levels could no doubt let off an odor when they are discharged from the facility.,0,6086966.story

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