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Blog 3: Lifelong Learning and Salaries

Lifelong learning in the engineering profession is a necessity. Keeping up with new technologies and even refreshers on other areas are important to a successful career. This can also be said for many other career fields.

What I found out about this subject is that not only general education important, but experience is an even larger deciding factor in engineering jobs. Even with different engineering degrees, an employer is most likely to hire the person with more experience. Even salary differences between degree levels show how important experience is. An engineer with an Associates degree can earn just as much, even more, than an engineer with a Bachelors.

If you wish to keep your nice salary and job, it is often necessary to go back to school at some point (most likely for a class or two). Lots of employers encourage this and even have programs where they pay for you to attend such classes. Either way, lifelong learning is a huge part of engineering and it definitely is worth it, especially with new technologies emerging.

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