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Sustainable Sludge Destruction

Irish firm SCFI has successfully commercialize an innovative technology that makes the wastewater and sludge treatment fully sustainable.  Their product was named AquaCritox. It uses super critical water oxidation to destroy organic waste without generating hazardous emissions. AquaCritox has a payback period of five years and generates renewable energy and recovers by-products such as phosphorus and CO2, which can be used for resale. This product has its significance because of continuous reduction of land used for traditional sludge disposal such as incineration or land spreading. Super Critical water oxidation moves water to a "fourth" phase where the water is neither a liquid nor a gas, but a homogenous dense fluid. It that state water becomes a universal solvent for gases and organic compounds. Then the materials are easily separated and treated is a separate step.

Over $40m has been invested in the development of AquaCritox technology.

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