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Manual water pumps...sounds like the 18th century again.

If you have ever experienced the inconvenience of a prolonged power outage, or live in an area where you don’t have the luxury of electric power, then you might consider using an manual water pump in order to transport your water from one place to another. you know that access to your well water with a hand water pump would ease the discomfort. If you have a private water supply, are off the grid, own a cottage or hunting lodge, having a hand water pump to meet your needs is a necessity. many Pumps are designed to handle shallow well water pumping and can be installed quite easily. It is also affordable and if you have a hard time thinking of pumping, why not considers connecting it to a see-saw or something?

And as such, you are:

  • Guaranteed access to your water
  • Guaranteed the water pumps are appropriate for any climate

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