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Wastewater re-use

Wastewater re-use

Just as the term implies, the term refers to reclaiming of wastewater so that it can be safely used for service purposes such as recreation, cleaning, landscaping and – why not? – Human consumptions. This generally involves advanced treatment processes which though might sometimes be expensive, it getting more attention and indispensability especially in an era when there is more demand for water in urban areas with growing population and thus need.

Wastewater reuse is becoming more valued, and certain countries are already using 100% of the treated wastewater for irrigation, domestic and industrial applications

Possible methods of treatment are listed below, but are limited just to:

-         Precipitation and sedimentation

-         Biological treatment

-         Media treatment

-         Membrane filtration

-         Ion exchange

-         Reverse osmosis

-         Disinfection

-         Evaporation and crystallization

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