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Who produces more of it?

Different Service providers generate different amount of waste in the form of solid waste, liquid and gaseous waste. Below is a comparison of which service produces the most.


According to research data collected over a period spanning months, found that Sixty-seven pounds of waste per student adds up to a whopping 18,000+ pounds of waste produced by an average-sized elementary school in one year.


At 8 Lb per bed per day, An average hospital with 100 admitted patients will produce a mind blowing 292 000 lb of general, pathological, pharmaceutical, chemical and radioactive waste in one year.


A hotel waste audit showed that majority of waste in a hotel is not produced in the rooms, but in the Food and Beverage Department. Each day, a first-class hotel will generate on average 3.2 pounds of waste per room per day. Thus for a 100 hotel at maximum capacity, we get  about 120 000lb per year.

Cruise ships

A cruise ship passenger produces up to 7 lb of waste per day. That amounts to 255 000 lb for 100 guest living on a cruise ship for one year.

Although this might not be an exhaustive blog, we can see for sure that hospitals produce more waste than other service providers. But weighing this against the healthcare they provide is food for thought.

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