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Apr 11th, 2011 • Posted in: What They're Saying

“From now on, I’ll be treated like an illegal worker, an outlaw, a person wanted by the police, even though the only crime I’ve committed is to show myself as I am.”

– Karima, a 31-year-old Muslim in France, talking to the New York Times about her country’s ban on the wearing of full veils in public places under a new law that officially took effect on Monday. France now becomes “the first country in Europe to impose restrictions on a form of attire that some Muslims consider a religious obligation,” notes the paper. The ban is “viewed by supporters as a necessary step to preserve French culture and to fight what they see as separatist tendencies among Muslims,” according to the Times, which also notes that those cited for wearing a full veil will not be arrested, but may face fines or required citizenship lessons.


I dont really find this very surprising.  The French have always strived to keep France looking French.  A sizeable part of their economy is tourism.  If you go to France and see people walking around in traditional Muslim dress it does take away from the French theme. 

I dont agree with the decision it feel it is a violation of basic human rights, I can just picture some stuffy French big shots sitting in a fancy room sipping on tea and taking a vote on a policy that strips its tax paying citizens of their rights.  Just another reason to stop buying French products.

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