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Utilizing your effluent water_ Japan

Japan has creatively come up with an alternative to make a profit off of their waste water effluent. As such, Japan treats approximately 14 billion tons of sewage water produced yearly, with only 1.5% being re-used. Therefore, they have decided to export their treated waste water to Australia.

Thus far, the Australians have found a valid use for the Japanese effluent. As of recently, Australia has been experiencing a water shortage, which does not reflect very good water prices for mining companies  who use millions of gallons per month. Due to this fact, some Australian companies, such as the ‘Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd’ and ‘Rio Tinto’, has decided to partake in the agreement of returning with a cheaper wastewater as they deliver iron ores to Japan.

This trade is expected to take off on a commercial basis in fiscal 2012.

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