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Stats for NYC system of WWT plants

There are 1900 employees who works at the New York City’s (NYC) treatment plant which receives an annual operating budget of $262 million, and an annual capital budget of $114 million.

 There are eight million residents and workers of NYC that discharges 1.4 billion gallons of wastewater into network system of over 6000 miles of sewer pipes. In this system, there are 135,000 sewer catch basins and 494 outfalls for combined sewer and storm-water discharges.

 This wastewater is aided by 93 pumping stations that pump the influent to 14 waste water treatment plants that are stationed throughout the five boroughs.

 With all of these components that make up this complex waste water treatment system, which is definitely a necessity, you are bound to find a job with the Department of water works, either as a MAINTAINANCE PEROSN or as an engineer.


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