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Ramona sewage treatment plant get hammered by rain

The following is a summary of the article found in full here:

In recent years population increases have impacted major cities as well as rural communities. For example in Ramona there is a 417 ranch style house community that has been stunted because of inadequate sewage treatment capacity. The plant is equipped to treat one million gallons per day. The water that is treated is then used for irrigation on spray fields (open space land) as an alternative to pumping into the ocean. However the new development would make the plant need to increase to 1.4 millions per day. In 2005 a severe rain storm provided a clear understanding to the city of Ramona that its treatment plant was not able to handle such a storm, as the treatment plant overflowed and untreated water was released and sprayed into the fields. The city is proposing a three stage project to increase the capacity of the plant. Negotiations and talks with local politicians are in the process and in the meantime the 417 ranch style house community has been put to a standstill. This again shows the importance of proper wastewater treatment and the understanding that cities and populations continue to grow and it is necessary to keep up with that in terms of providing clean water and sewer systems.

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