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EPA Finds Trace Amounts of Radiation in Drinking Water

The failing reactors of the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan haven’t only effected the country of Japan but now threaten to spread globally.


The EPA has detected low levels of radiation in the air, casing them to step up monitoring of rain, milk and drinking water. Radiation has been reported in all monitored medium but these radiation levels are far levels that would harm the public.


On the 4th 0f April the EPA released levels of radiation they observed in drinking water from two locations, one in Idaho and one in Washington. The consensus of the findings showed that a baby would have to drink an astounding 7000 liters of water to even come close to the amount of radiation that they are exposed to on a daily basis.


So even though the threat of a larger amount of radiation looms over our head as of the moment our drinking water is still well beyond safe. You would be more at risk of getting radiation poisoning from standing in front of your home microwave.


So drink up!

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