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Green Infrastructure Project

Storm water infiltration is a major problem in older cities all over the eastern seaboard. Combined sewage and storm water collection pipes collect both types of waste and during storms may cause the supporting wastewater facility to be overloaded and spill raw sewage into local waterways.


3 Rivers Wet Weather is program set in motion by the EPA and Allegheny County in Pennsylvania to help the county address the regions deteriorating sewer infrastructure to meet the requirements and standards set fourth by the Federal Clean Water Act.


A new project started by 3RWW sets out to develop a database that will allow planners and engineers to easily locate places in there respective municipalities where green infrastructure has the highest potential to reduce combined sewer overflows.


This tool will locate all know green infrastructures such as green roofs, permeable pavement and other systems and feature a web based tool for property owners showing them what green technologies would best fit there property and the cost benefit analysis of that installation.


A database such as this could help immensely in many cities all over the east coast. In Utica alone there is great potential for the remediation of older combined sewer systems and retrofitting new green infrastructure into existing structures around the city.

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