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NASA Satellite Discovers Water on Moon

Ever looked up on a clear summers night and stared at the moon and wonder for a second, what if I could live up there? Well even though that seems like a farfetched idea it might some day be a reality.


One of the biggest obstacles besides the lack of an atmosphere (and therefore air) is the lack of our other biggest need, good ole’ H20.


Our future dreams of settling the moon might have just gotten a tad bit easier with the discovery of water  (in ice form) on the moon back in October. According to the report by NASA, the data collected by Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite or Lcross for short showed that lunar soil in Cabeus Crater collected last year.


This ice particles collected make up an incredible 5.6% to 8.5% water. While excitement over such an amount might seem foolhardy at first it is actually a decent amount of water when compared to moisture found in the soil of the Sahara desert, which is made up of between 2% and 5% water. The water in the Sahara is even more difficult to extract as well because it is often found attached to other minerals.

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