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College Baseball Coach Donates Kidney to Player He Recruited

Tom Walter says it was “the right thing to do”


A baseball coach at Wake Forest University in North Carolina last week donated a kidney to a freshman player he recruited.

Tom Walter said he does not consider himself a hero but only did “the right thing,” reports CBS News.

Kevin Jordan, a standout high school player, last year became ill and it was subsequently discovered he suffered from a rare illness that weakened his kidneys.

Coach Walter said that when he announced his decision to members of the team, he was greeted by “stunned silence followed by a round of applause,” reports the Chronicle of Higher Education.

ESPN reports that both surgeries went well and Walter is expected to be in the dugout when Wake Forest opens its season on February 18, although he predicts he won’t be “jumping up and chasing after umpires just yet.”


This may not have been something that was required by the coach to do, even to be ethical, but it is an act of great kindness. This shows just how much the coach cares about his players and is not only their coach but their friend.  This is something that the coach should be very proud of and sets a good example for others to follow.

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