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Ethics Blog #2

Ethics of Press Freedom and Internet Access Central to Debate Over Events in Egypt

Ethical issues surrounding press freedom were topped last week’s news as reporters covering the social convulsions in Egypt became the target of violent attacks by demonstrators apparently linked to the tottering government of president Hosni Mubarak.

In addition, the controversy of press freedom reverberated around the globe as various governments and news organizations confronted questions over censorship of information in an increasingly connected digital world.

The Los Angeles Times reports that dozens of reporters were beaten, arrested, or had their equipment destroyed by roving mobs of Mubarak loyalists.

Egyptian state television had portrayed foreign journalists as being in partnership with Western governments and other forces in a conspiracy to bring down the regime, reports CNN.

One noted Egyptian television anchor resigned under protest, reports the Lebanese news site Iloubnan, saying that it was unethical to present a government-imposed view of the demonstrations.

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