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And So Ends 2010!

     We would like to thank all of our members for how well this semester has gone in terms of work accomplished. We have almost the entire frame finished with only the rear drop cage left to be made. In addition, the bottom frame members for the submarine belt and seat supports were also finished and tacked on this week to allow our new hammock seat to be added next semester. The final task of the week, besides cleaning up the shop, was building a mounting bracket for the brake pump reservoir. So far we are on schedule to have the car finished by June. With all the work that has been done over the last 14 weeks, the team is looking forward to enjoying a well deserved winter break before returning to complete a car next semester.

*** On behalf of the Baja Team -- Happy Holidays Everyone! ***

CFB  (12/09/2010):
-- Clubs have to re-activate online for the Spring semester.
-- New event comfirmation from must be filled out next semester after every event.
-- First CFB meeting will take place in the student center.
-- SA - Winter Wonderland - Community Service Event - Working with 1st and 5th graders.
-- Danceathon Fundraiser - April 1st

Minutes (12/09/2010):
-- Team Leaders:
         Brake: Joe    
         Steering: Joe
         Transmission: Joe
         Design: Ryan
         Frame: Joe
         Suspension: Preston
         Body Panels: James
         Paint: Rob
         Cost: Jeremy
-- Reports Due:
         Cost: February 18th
         Design: April 18th
-- Shock Pump - Will be returned by next semester.
-- New Engine Purchased.
-- Steering Hydraulic Pump Found.

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