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Progress Is Rolling Along

     We have completed the roll cage and most of the supporting members. The only thing left is to start building the engine and drivetrain cradle as well as weld the frame together. Work on suspension components has started with drawings on the computer. This includes the custom hubs that will be made as well as the rear swing arm and front a-arm setup. Work on the pedal box has also begun and should move along smoothly. Tabs will begin shortly as well and we know how we all love tabs!

     Research of the hammock seat has moved forward with the researching of materials and specifications on those materials beginning. A possible prototype may be designed before the end of the semester. Implementation of this is key and the seat team is confident this will make a great product.

     As the semester is winding down the progress in the shop has picked up. New supplies and tools have arrived thanks to the SUNYIT school of engineering and sponsor Countryman Auto CarQuest. A big thanks goes out to our supporters that make it possible to move forward with our fabrication and journey to competition.

     On a different topic, the website has been updated with shop photos. A new system has also been setup for the viewing of pictures called lightbox which allows the picture to be viewed directly on the website which makes it convenient because our visitors will never leave the website or have to open a new tab. Check it out under our media section and click on pictures!

     Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and good luck to everyone on their finals that are coming up shortly!


     *** We had a guest writer for this week's blog, Joe Albano, so everyone give him a hand on how well this blog turned out! ***


CFB (12/02/2010):

- Move CFB to Student Center Next Semester

- Club Storage Available in Student Center

- Wild Cat Media - Request Help for Wild Day - April 29th

- ITFL - $300 Request for Pads - Approved

- SWAT - $600 Request for Trips - Approved


Minutes (12/02/2010):

- Stated Hammock Seat is Being Made of Cordura Fabric

- Reminded That SAE Membership Needs to be Renewed

- Stated Recent Purchase Voucher Has Been Approved

- Held Treasure Report on Finances 

- Stated New Engine Will be Purchased This Year

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