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Drinking Water Treatment Methods (small scale user based)

I found an very detailed website that deals with indiviual home water treatment system either point of use systems or point of entry systems.  The site looks at all the different types of treatment systems availible, what type of treatment they can be used for and system and long term cost associated with each type of system.  The site includes a complex table that summarizes all the different treatment methods.  It would take several hours to go through the whole site and digest all the information availible.  The site is complied by Randy Johnson, MS in Biology, who complied the site in 1997 after being frustraited with the lack of accurate information about drinking water elsewhere on the web.  After clicking to the home page there is tons of other information about drinking water and contaminates on the main page.

The main page can be found at :

The treatment page where I originally landed can be found at:


Give it a look.


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