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How does the Earth's "piping system" work.

All semester, we've been discussing how humans create an artificial water cycle.  However, the Earth has its own water cycle. This interactive web page does a great job of illustrating how Earth's water cycle works and all the different places that it gets water from and moves water to.  I found it to be a great place to better understand how nature handles water and therefore get me thinking about how we as engineers can supplement this process instead of disrupt it.  I haven't thought up this grand scheme yet but I'm working on it. 

One of the visuals that astounded me was here After seeing this picuure you'll probably be wondering how we even have enough water to live!!

Did you know that glaciers play a major role in the worlds freshwater supply and contain about 69% of the Earths fresh water.  If all the ice caps melted sea level would go up by about 230 ft.  Pretty amazing.  This websites a lot of fun to polk around in.   Have fun!!

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