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Baja Gets Framed

     As the more perceptive of you have guessed from the title, we now have the front half of the frame constructed [pic]. In order to reach this point, a lot of jobs needed to be done in a syncronized fashion in order to keep progress running smoothly and to ensure no one job held back everyone else. To that end every member was utilized in a unique way from those with experience to those who are trying to pick up a skill. The first job was cutting the tube to length on the cutting wheel. Then the piece of tubing was brought over to the bender where it was bent to the necessary angle [pics]. After that it is hauled over to the angle cutter where the ends of the tubes will be cut off in a way so that it will mate with another piece of solid tubing [pic]. Then if the piece was to be merged with another tubing by means of bushing a hole had to be drilled through it by means of the drill press. Then the tubing meets its end as a member of the frame where it is tack welded on to ensure it does move until a more permanent weld is applied later on.  

     While the members of the frame are being constructed the bushing between members also needed to be accomplished. To this end, the lathe was brought out to decrease the diameter of a piece of hollow tubing so that is could slide into the frame members [pic]. Once the lathe cut the piece down to size, finishing work was done on the sander to ensure that the piece was nice and smooth as a barring should have little friction sliding into and out of a tube member.

Minutes (11/11/2010):
- Stated T-Shirt Logo Prototype Completed by Thanksgiving
- Stated Thursday Shop Was In Effect
- Stated Front End of Frame Had Issues
- Discussed Market America for Perpetual Fundraiser

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