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Building the Future With Steel

     This week has been a great milestone in baja as with the arrival of our steel tubing we transition from the design stage into the development stage. In previous years we have used mid-grade steel tubing as it was cheap while still providing reliable performance. However, a few collisions last year shown that the mid-grade steel was not strong enough to take the abuse a baja car would endure. This year we will be using DOM steel. This should alleviate the problem as DOM steel is higher quality steel because it is manufactured to a much higher quality standard making it stronger in almost all aspects. DOM steel tubing may cost only a little bit more than regular steel tubing, but for the extra performance it still retains a great cost to performance ratio.

     The steel tubing showed up Wednesday and the shop wasted no time in building the frame. Wednesday night was dedicated to cutting the steel tubing to length on a cutting wheel based off SolidWork dimensions of the frame. A special Thursday night session was called to make up lost time from the tubing being delivered much later than expected. The bender was brought out and the tubing was bent and shaped to match the base drawing of the frame. By the end of Thursday night the front, bottom of the frame was assembled and tack welded on in anticipation for the rest of the frame to be built upon it. A Saturday session will be held because of Open House where half the team will be building and showing off the shop while the other half of the team will be up in the campus center showing off last years car and pictures of competitions past.

CFB (10/28/2010):
- SunyIT Open House - Saturday Oct 30th - +1 Community Service Event If Club Is No Show
- November 11th Information Session - Packets Still Available
- Baja Free Event - Free Movie - November 22 - ADK Lounge - 8-11PM
- Condaleza Rice at Hamilton College - Seats Still Available
- Gamer's Club will Lend Game Console's for Other Club's Events
- Walk/Run - Johnson Park - November 13th - T-Shirts for Winners

Minutes (10/28/2010):
- Thursday Shop Implemented This Week
- Discussed Salvaging Hydraulic System Off Old Boat
- Discussed Steering Shaft Slop
- Discussed CVP Transmission
- Shown Algor Stress Test of Frame

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