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So Begins Baja 2011 !!!

     Welcome back old and new members for a new year of SUNYIT Baja. Shop times still need to be finalized, but it will likely occur on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6PM to 9PM. The regular meetings will still be held in room Donovan 1225 at 12:30PM on Thursdays as they have been for the last few years.

Minutes (9/16/10):

- Discussed Web Site Photos- Discussed Budget

- Design and Cost Reports Discussed

- Car Smash Event Planning and Posters

- Collected Money for Lotto Raffle

- Discussed Steel Purchases and Measuring FrameVoted on Competition to Attend. Illinois Won.

CFB (9/16/10):

- Posters must have SA logo on them

- New post event form will be required to be filled out post events

- Convocation Theme - Community Service

- New community service ideas welcome

- Posters must advertise an event at least 2 weeks in advance


Minutes (9/9/10)

- Introduce new members to the program

- Refresh group on safety procedures and protocols

- Discuss new rule changes to the roll cage

- Tested out the car


CFB (9/9/10)

- Get club activation forms and club constitutions in ASAP

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