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Recent IDT Faculty Publications and Activities

Dr. Russ Kahn and Dr. Kathryn Stam received certificates in Dec. 2009 for completing a set of training sessions related to evaluation of the design of online courses. The training was part of the Quality Matters Program (Inter-Institutional Quality Assurance in Online Learning) called, "Applying the Quality Matters Rubric," and was offered by the SUNY Learning Network.

Meghan Dougherty and Steve Schneider co‐authored "911@10 Preliminary thoughts on collaboration across fields to challenge formats for new media history" with NOAA colleague Jamaica Jones, at the International Communication Association Pre‐Conference, Chicago, May 2009.

Indira Guzman and Kathryn Stam coauthored a book, Information Nation: Education and Careers in the Emerging Information Professions, with SU colleague Jeff Stanton. The book will be published by Information Today, Inc. in Winter 09-10.

Indira Guzman and Miguel Galvez presented a paper, "Identifying Factors that Influence Corporate Information Security Behavior," at the Americas Conference on Information Systems in San Francisco in October.

Indira Guzman wrote a collaborative chapter called, "Enhancing Student
Productivity Using a Creativity Tutorial," for the Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, published by Information Science Reference.

In July 2009 Routledge published the volume e‐Research: Transformation in Scholarly Practice, edited by Nicholas Jankowski. A beta version of the website complementing the book is temporarily accessible at: http://eresearch/ The final version of the site will shortly be made available at:‐transformation/

On September 21, 2009, Nicholas Jankowski delivered the keynote lecture to the launch of the four‐year World Class University (WCU) project at YeungNam University in the Republic of Korea. The keynote, “Social Science Research Practice in the Digital Age”, was part of a week‐long series of seminars provided by Jankowski ; see WCU Webometrics Institute for details of these activities and the WCU project blog.

On September 11, 2009, Nicholas Jankowski delivered a keynote at the annual conference of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP). In this lecture, entitled “The Enhanced Journal Article: Illustrations of Webbased Innovations,” Jankowski reviewed innovations in scientific publishing and the increasing utilization of social media in scholarly communicative practices.

Russell L. Kahn took a group of 20 undergraduates to the Society for Technical
Communication regional conference, "Spectrum" in Rochester in May. Four students presented at the conference, which was attended by over 100 professionals in the field of communication. Dr. Kahn presented a workshop at the Spectrum regional conference in May on Open Source software tools Jing and GimpShop Pro. Russell L. Kahn was nominated in October as a Fellow for the Society for Technical Communication. He is currently an Associate Fellow for the organization, which has more than 20,000 members and 153 chapters worldwide. STC is the world's largest professional association serving the technical communication profession. The position of Fellow is the highest member rank of the Society.

Russell L. Kahn presented on the use of Open Source software and video casting at the Seventeenth Annual SUNY Conference on Instructional Technologies at SUNY Oswego in May. It was attended by 150 faculty and staff from around the SUNY system.

Steve Schneider has been acting as the Interim Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and contributing to the IDT program from the inside‐out.

Steve Schneider is publishing an article, “Taking Web Archiving Seriously,” with S.M., Foot, K. A., and Wouters, P. In Jankowski, N. (Ed.), e‐Research: Transformation in Scholarly Practice. Routledge.

Kathryn Stam published a journal article, "Events, Emotions, and Technology: Examining Acceptance of Workplace Technology Changes" with SU's Jeff Stanton, that will appear in Information Technology and People. She also attended the Association of Internet Researchers 10th Annual Meetings in Milwaukee, WI in October.

Kathryn Stam traveled to Limerick, Ireland in May to present a paper that she coauthored with Indira Guzman and Jeff Stanton, “The Use of Inoculation Theory and Online Social Networking for Enhancing Attractiveness of IT Occupations,” at the ACM SIGMIS Computer Personnel Research Conference.

Kathryn Stam and IDT Alumna Teresa Washburn presented a paper, “Ain't Nothin' like the First Time: Educators' Initial Experiences in Second Life,”Conference on Instructional Technologies Conference in Oswego in May. Professor Kathryn Stam and IDT alumnus Michael Scialdone, collaborated on "Where Dreams and Dragons Meet. An Ethnographic Analysis of two Examples of Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)" published in the July 2008 issue of online - Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet.
Professor Russell Kahn had an article published in the Journal of Educational Technology Systems Vol. 36(2) 179-187, 2007-2008 "TRANSFORMING THE DESIGN OF OVERHEADS AND THEIR IMPACT ON LEARNING."

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