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Bullying Case In NFL Has Broad Implications In Workplace & School, Experts Say

Although NFL is a football league, for those involved, it is their job. Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito was suspended last week after being accused of bullying and abusing teammate Jonathan Martin, who made the decision to leave the team as a result.

Bullying has been a major focus in the past few years. With the programs to try and eliminate bullying, it mostly geared for children in schools. As a result of the Incognito- Martin case, coaches who deal with young athletes are paying attention to this case and relaying anti-bullying messages to their teams.

What this incident in the NFL shows is that bullying occurs throughout all stages of life, to anyone, including a 300 pound, Standford graduate, offensive tackle man.

It is unethical to cause such discomfort to another person due to your words. In an interview with Incognito, he stated that was just how their friendship was and how they communicate with one another. This statement shows that whether you are joking or not, words can be hurtful. You need to draw the line between playing and bullying and you should be careful what you say to other co-workers in the workplace to try and reduce the reported 35% of workers who claim they are bullied at work, according to a 2010 survey from the Workplace Bullying Institute.

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