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Quit Being Their Best Friend & Be Their Best Parent

Two girls age 14 and 12 were arrested for harassing a seventh grader, Rebecca Ann Sedwick, until she jumped to her death off an abandoned factory. After dealing with face-to-face and online bullying for over a year, she took her life. 

The two girls responsible for this were arrested for aggravated stalking, third degree felony, and will be processed through the juvenile court system.

The issue that arises in this article is that the parents are defending their children in saying that their devices were hacked, rather than punishing them and teaching the life lesson that every action has a consequence.

Although it is expected for parents to "defend" their children, if the roles were reversed and they were the parents of Rebecca Sedwick who committed suicide, they would want to see justice and that the bullies will be properly punished to prevent another incident. As a parent, who often play two roles- a disciplinary and a friend, the ethical role needs to govern and the right choice needs to be made- regardless of the emotions that may follow.

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